Colostrum For Pets

Colostrum For Pets

Colostrum is a milky fluid that comes from mammals the first few days after giving birth. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and antibodies that fight disease causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. Colostrum provides over 100 times the amount of immunoglobulins as regular milk which can help in coordinating the immune system and boosting natural killer cell activities.

Team Fat Boy

Fat Boy Tonic is a place where we create what we have always dreamed of. Products that benefits our canine pals immensely, using only ingredients that the great nature has gifted us with. Without relying on chemical compounds, preservatives and additives, we can ensure that every ingredient is fresh, safe and potent. Every single Fat Boy item is created from scratch, with lots of testing, research and of course, love. 

With the humid and unpredictable weather in Singapore, it becomes a headache to keep our dogs' health and coat in optimal conditions. Then it came to our minds that with our combined knowledges of raw ingredients, we can produce creations that allows the dogs to optimise their bodies, adapting to changes without jeopardising any part of their healths. It became our goal to create unique creations that supports, aids and protects a dog's body regardless of the environment and situation. In our minds, allowing a dog to thrive means allowing a dog to have have fun, get into troubles, do the unexpected but at the same time, stay healthy and beautiful.

From time to time, we will have seasonal creations up on site in limited quantities and for a limited period of time. These seasonal creations contains ingredients that comes and go in seasons and they takes just as much time to create as all other creations. Always check back to grab creations that will give your dog's health a quick boost of natural goodness!

Supporting their immune systems - so that they can fight off diseases and viruses on their own and make fast recoveries when needed.

Protecting their aesthetic beauty - allowing them to have the upmost fun in the ultimate most troublesome locations but still stay beautiful.

This is what Fat Boy Tonic is.